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Cooking with fruit: Curried Parsnip Apple Soup

Chef Levana Kirschenbaum
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Chef Levana Kirschenbaum demonstrates how to make soup.  Eschewing stock or soup base, Levana uses a food processor to make fast work of chopping parsnips and apples.  She recommends erring on the side of less salt, less stock, pointing out that you can always add more, but to remove it is not so easy. 
Levana teaches how timing various dishes can help you get dinner on the table on time!


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Scholars: Chef Levana Kirschenbaum
Video title: Cooking with fruit: Curried Parsnip Apple Soup
Category: Kosher, Tu B'Shevat
Series: Tu B'Shevat: Cooking with Fruit
Views: 1596
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