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Mrs. Rivkah Sharfstein

Mrs. Rivkah Sharfstein

Mrs. Rivkah Sharfstein is a pioneer in integrating Hebrew and Judaic studies into the Montessori Method of education.

After fifteen years in early education, Mrs. Sharfstein began exploring the Montessori Method of education. She adapted this to fit with the Judaic syllabus, and developed the first Montessori Aleph-Bet curriculum and materials, all under the careful direction of the Rebbe. As one of the forerunning developers of Judaic Montessori, she traveled around giving workshops to help integrate the Montessori Method into other Jewish schools and institutions.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Mrs. Sharfstein attended the first Bais Yaakov founded in America, and was part of the second graduating class. In 1954, she married Rabbi Zelig Sharfstein. Shortly after, Rabbi and Mrs. Sharfstein were among the earliest Shluchim to be sent out by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Cincinnati, OH, to teach in the Jewish Day School.

In addition to her innovative strides in early education, As per the Rebbe’s directives to women to learn more Torah, Mrs. Sharfstein founded one of the first Nshei Chabad study groups, which flourished for over forty years and inspired many other women’s study groups.