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Mrs. Sarah Mendelsohn

Mrs. Sarah Mendelsohn
Mrs. Sarah Mendelsohn was born in Kishinev, the former USSR, to a family of Refusniks. She and her family immigrated to Israel over 40 years ago.

Mrs. Mendelsohn has a Master’s Degree in Education. For the last thirty years she has been educating Jewish children and adults. Additionally, she and her husband Rabbi Schneur Zalman Mendelsohn can be counted among the official Emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Flatbush. In 1999 she started a girl’s school in Flatbush. As Menaheles - Principal she counts among her many duties mentoring students and teachers, giving parenting and learning classes and bringing Jews closer to Judaism. This is all done through example and vast education on many levels. She is often invited to speak on many different topics such as education, Shalom Bayis, and raising the children of today.