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Mr. Robert Stutman

Mr. Robert Stutman

Taking to the front lines of the drug wars, Mr. Stutman made a 25-year career as one of America's highest profile drug busters. A Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent so visible, the Columbian Cartel had at one time targeted him for assassination.

Bob became a street agent with DEA in 1965. In 1970, at age 27, he became the youngest supervisor (GS-14) in the history of the agency. In 1971, he formed the International Training Division where he remained in charge until 1976 when he became Director of the Office of Congressional Affairs. In 1979, at age 36, Bob was promoted to Special Agent in Charge of the New England Field Division (again, the youngest in DEA history). In 1985, Bob was given the responsibility of Special Agent in charge of the New York Field Division (the largest division) where he remained until his retirement in 1990.

Credited with bringing "crack" to national attention, Mr. Stutman was responsible for changing the policy of the federal government regarding this drug. As a result, William F. Buckley attributed him with "single-handedly changing the policy of the United States DEA."

Considered to be one of the nation's top experts on drugs, Mr. Stutman received numerous awards and honors for his work throughout the United States and from the governments of many other countries.

In 1990, Mr. Stutman established The Stutman Group, a Management Consulting firm that designs and implements comprehensive and practical substance abuse prevention programs for communities, corporations, and school systems across the nation.

In addition to leading The Stutman Group, Mr. Stutman is the Special Consultant on Substance Abuse for the CBS News division, including the CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes. In addition he has appeared frequently on Nightline, the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour, 48 Hours, Firing Line, Good Morning America, the Today Show, the Phil Donahue Show, Face the Nation and Oprah. He was recently featured in the PBS Frontline documentary entitled Drug Wars and the VH 1 special entitled The Drug Years. His best-selling autobiography, Dead on Delivery was published by Warner Books and was made into a television movie entitled Mob Justice. Mr. Stutman’s extensive speaking tours have brought him before hundreds of audiences in over 70 countries