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Mrs. Fraidy Yanover

Mrs. Fraidy Yanover
Fraidy Yanover was born in Brooklyn, NY but has lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for almost 20 years . She is a brilliantly stimulating and dynamic lecturer who speaks on a vast array of topics. Her lectures are Kabbalah-based and use mysticism as a vehicle for a society bruised by contemporary secular ideals. 

Well known internationally for her ability to bring lofty spiritual concepts into the beginner's realm of understanding, as well as that of the more advanced, her topics range from Kabbalah to issues dealing with communication and relationship. She has recently become a life coach to further assist people with recognizing and achieving their goals.

Fraidy also speaks on spiritual healing and through the medium of meditation, empowers the Jewish audience to explore and deepen their relationship with G-d and thus enhance their lives and intimate relationships. 

Fraidy gives inspiring and eye-opening discussions on Kabbalah's mystical meaning of the mitzvah of covering one's hair, bringing a joy and understanding to this often maligned commandment.