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Rabbi Chaim Mentz

Rabbi Chaim Mentz
Not only does he play a rabbi on TV, he is one!
Rabbi Chaim and Mrs. Charna Mentz established Chabad of Bel Air, California in 1985.  From his beginnings as the host of "Basic Judaism" in the early '80s to the "Rabbi Mentz Radio Show," Rabbi Mentz has attracted listeners drawn by his "high-powered, energized, and animated" approach.  Rabbi Mentz sees radio as a way to connect with people on all levels, regardless of religion, and an opportunity to speak about family values and morals.  Rabbi Mentz has interviewed Mrs. Hadassah Lieberman, wife of former Democractic nominee for president, Joe Lieberman; reported from a rave about the state of values in America; addressed ecological issues standing on a California seashore, and spear-headed "Project Lose-It," a 6 week weight loss campaign based on the teachings of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of Chabad Chassidism.  Rabbi Mentz and his wife, Charna, take a "one-on-one" approach to sharing Judaism.  Their motivation in all they do is to bring happiness to people's lives and create a connection for them to their religious and spiritual heritage.  In addition to Shabbos meals, preschool, Sunday School, and the many other programs that Chabad offers, Rabbi Mentz answers questions for The Religion Network.  He and his wife have five chidlren from ages 8 -16, whom Rabbi Mentz describes as being integral to the family mission of spreading goodness and kindness throughout the world.