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Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov

Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov
Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov attended yeshivot in Gateshead, Manchester, and Toras Emes in Jerusalem.  After receiving Rabbinical Ordination in Montreal Lubavitch Yeshiva, Rabbi Dubov went on to attain higher Rabbinical Dayanut Ordination in Lubavitch 770, New York.  In 1988 Rabbi Dubov arrived, together with his wife Sarah, in Wimbledon and after one year, they moved into the current premises of the Chabad House in St. George's Road. 

Over the years, they have expanded the many programmes available to South London Jewish Communities, to include a kosher and Judaica shop, a mikvah (built in 1991), adult education classes, summer camps, women's groups, children's groups, etc.

Most recently the new synagogue premises, the Chabad Centre, in 44 St. George's Road was opened, and has been been enjoyed by the community ever since. 

Rabbi Dubov is Director of Chabad of South London,  rabbi of the Chabad Shul, and is also the author of 11 books, on various Jewish topics.  In addition to overseeing the many activities run by the Chabad House, he is also a sought-after lecturer, particularly in the area of Kabbalah, both nationally and internationally.