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Mrs. Chana Weisberg

Mrs. Chana Weisberg
Mrs. Chana Weisberg is a highly sought after speaker and a best-selling author and columnist. She brings personal warmth, humor, inspiration and down-to-earth relevance into her talks. Chana Weisberg is the author of the just released Tending the Garden: The Unique Gifts of the Jewish Woman a comprehensive book on womanhood from a mystical perspective, as well as Divine Whispers—Stories that Speak to the Heart and Soul (both published through Targum/Feldheim).

She has also published The Crown of Creation—The Lives of Great Biblical Women based on Rabbinical and Mystical Sources (1996) and The Feminine Soul—A Mystical Journey Exploring the Essence of Feminine Spirituality (2001). Divine Whispers is considered a Jewish best seller and has received rave reviews; her last two books are now out of print having become popular texts in study groups and educational institutions worldwide.

Weisberg has also published three resource textbooks as part of a Feminine Voices Series. Based on her first book and her own firsthand experience in teaching textually-based courses on Biblical women, this series serves as a guide book used worldwide and is distributed through the central Chabad Shluchim Office.

Chana Weisberg is associate editor of the popular site, and editor of its weekly print publication, Think Jewish. She is a regular columnist for The Jewish Press Newspaper and her works have appeared in several other Jewish mediums. She has appeared on numerous radio and television shows and has been interviewed in several Jewish newspapers.

Mrs. Weisberg has served as the Dean of the JRCC's Institute of Jewish Studies in Toronto, an institute offering comprehensive educational courses and outreach programs for men and women as well as feminine-conscious spirituality courses to professional women of all backgrounds. She also served as one of the founding scholar-in-residence for

Mrs. Weisberg lectures on a wide array of issues relating to women, feminism, the masculine and feminine dichotomy, relationships, the soul, faith and Jewish mysticism.

The hallmark of her lectures is her extraordinary ability to skillfully articulate profound subjects in a down to earth style, appreciated by beginners and knowledgeable listeners alike, and adding practical meaning to participants’ lives. Her lectures on relationships has been described as “riveting and humorous, enhancing relationships and spirituality, while depicting the integral link between Torah and gender differences.”

Her lectures on faith and spirituality are heart-stirring, empowering, soothing and inspirational. “Chana Weisberg was dazzling… before the talk was finished there would not be a dry eye in the capacity crowd.” The Jewish Tribune

Described by The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles as a “Woman Kabbalist”, her talks on women provide powerful portrayals of Biblical women, unveiling the feminine aspects of Jewish mysticism.

Chana Weisberg descends from a long line of distinguished Rabbis and resides in Toronto, Canada with her husband and six children.