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Mr. Daniel Friedmann

Mr. Daniel Friedmann
Friedmann was CEO of MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates, "Canada's largest space systems company" and the world's largest commercial communications satellite manufacturer, for 20 years, until May 2016. He is a professional engineer and holds a master's in engineering physics. He has worked for 30 years in the space industry, including being involved with NASA other major space agencies and participating on key projects from the Hubble space telescope to Mars missions. Friedmann has published papers on space industry topics and cosmology, as well as, on the correlation between Biblical teachings and scientific theory.
His work on reconciling the biblical account with scientific observation, using his biblical clock formula, has been reported in the 2012 ideacity conference, National Post, Toronto Star, the David Berner show and Off Planet Radio and Jewish Pride Radio talk shows. He has also spoken widely on his work to the general public, in schools and at various religious and spiritual gatherings.
In 2011, he published The Genesis One Code: Demonstrates a clear alignment between the times of key events described in the Genesis with those derived from scientific observation, to compare the Genesis creation narrative with the Big Bang theory. The Genesis One Code won the Readers' Favorite 2013 International Book Award, was a Finalist in the 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards, and has been translated into Spanish. In 2013, he published The Broken Gift: Harmonizing the Biblical and scientific accounts of human origins, to compare the appearance of humans in the book of Genesis with the fossil record and genetic studies.
Friedmann was selected as a 2015/2016 Brendan Wood TopGun CEO in Canada for Technology, Media and Telecommunications. TopGun CEO designation is an expression of the highest level of confidence in a CEO by major institutional investors who own or have the ability to own the stock in sizable stakes. TopGun CEOs earn their share of mind with investors through relentless work ethic, decision making and by facing challenges head-on and most importantly, their resolve to deliver for shareowners.
In 2016, Friedmann was one of the first recipients of a Dean's Medal of Distinction from the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Applied Science, in recognition of his superb achievements.

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