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Benny Friedman

Benny Friedman
Benzion Hakohen "Benny" Friedman is an American Hasidic Jewish singer. Professionally trained in voice, he rose to prominence on the contemporary Jewish religious music scene with his first album in 2009. His biggest hit to date is the song "Yesh Tikvah" (There is Hope). Singing mainly in Hebrew, Friedman tours extensively and also appears in music videos. He views his music as an outreach tool with the goal of drawing Jews closer to Judaism. He first came to national attention with the release of his first solo album, Tammu, produced by Avi Newmark, in 2009. Afterward he began touring in concert and singing at Jewish weddings. He was a guest vocalist on the 2011 album Nagila V'Nismicha, singing with the Nagilah Orchestra.
His second solo album, Yesh Tikvah: Dawn of Moshiach (2012), also produced by Newmark, made a splash in the Orthodox Jewish world with its title track, "Yesh Tikvah". The Hebrew-language song encouraging hope and faith was co-written by Ari Goldwag and Miriam Israeli. The song earned a mention in an editorial in the Yated Ne'eman Orthodox Jewish newspaper, a paper not known for music reviews. "Yesh Tikvah" has been covered by numerous major Orthodox Jewish singers and choirs and was rendered into Yiddish by the Yedidim Choir. In 2013 Benny released his first spinoff album B'nei Heichala: A Shabbos with Benny Friedman, which includes traditional and modern Shabbat zemirot. In 2014, he released his third solo album, Kol Haneshama Sheli. In 2016, Benny released a new album with 13 original songs, titled Fill The World With Light.