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Rabbi Shaltiel Lebovic

Rabbi Shaltiel Lebovic
Rabbi Shaltiel Lebovic is director of the nonprofit company Go Kosher, which is run out of his Crown Heights home. He grew up in New Jersey, where as a boy he helped his father kosher Jewish homes. Now he runs a home-koshering operation that whips through 1,500 Jewish homes a year in the Greater New York area. In the competitive New York Jewish market he is able to charge for his services; many Chabad rabbis in other cities will kosher a home for free. Some of Lebovic’s clients are observant Jews who have moved to a new home and need help making it kosher, but he estimates that 70 percent are non-observant people looking to make that first step toward creating a Jewish home. “There are a host of reasons,” he says. “They could be the parents of children who went to Israel, and they want the grandchildren to be comfortable in their homes. They could be becoming observant themselves, or maybe they’re not shomer Shabbat [Sabbath-observant] but they want to keep kosher.”