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The Kabbalah of You, Lesson 4: A Question of Faithfulness

Rabbi Shraga Sherman
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The Kabbalah of You: A Guide to Unlocking Your Hidden Potential

There is one thing that is always present in your life. Not your body, for sometimes you soar aloft in thought or meditation. Not your heart, for there are surely things that preoccupy you about which you are indifferent. Not your intellect, for there are times when your mind must rest.

But no matter what state you are in, no matter your thoughts, mood, or level of awareness, it is always you who is in that state.

Welcome to The Kabbalah of You, a journey of discovery, in which we will ask—and answer—the most fundamental question of all: Who is the mysterious being at the heart of what it is to be … you? The same Kabbalah that leads us up and beyond the highest heavens also leads deep within to explore the divine mystery of your soul.

Lesson 4: A Question of Faithfulness
If faith is so simple, why is it so hard? Complexities come easy to the rationalizing human mind. We craft our own sophistication and take pride in it. Faithfulness to something beyond our own grasp, something larger than our own achievements and deeper than our own thoughts demands much more of us. What we seek tolerates no clichéd response and can be satisfied by no mere intellectual answer. Knowing what we seek, we know that faithfulness to the task will require the soul commitment of all we are and all we can be.

This series of the Jewish Learning Institute’s The Kabbalah of You” is generously provided by Rabbi Shraga Sherman of Chabad of the Main Line in Merion Station, Pennsylvania.  Chabad of the Main Line provides a wide range of programs and classes to allow the Jews of the “Main Line” region in suburban Philadelphia the opportunity to connect to their Jewish roots through serious learning and meaningful Shabbat and holiday experiences.  For more informa