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Achievement in Jewish Life - 5 Women, 5 Voices

Mrs. Holly Cohen & Dr. Risa Dickson & Mrs. Julie Gniwisch & Alyza Lewin & Mrs. Rivkah Slonim
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Witness our differences melt away as five diverse high powered women from different walks of life share their individual challenges and achievements, take us behind the scenes for a peek into their personal and professional stratosphere, share their vision for Jewish continuity, and celebrate their Jewish womanhood in tandem with a dynamic moderator.

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Scholars: Mrs. Holly Cohen, Dr. Risa Dickson, Mrs. Julie Gniwisch, Alyza Lewin, Mrs. Rivkah Slonim
Provider: National Jewish Retreat
Video title: Achievement in Jewish Life - 5 Women, 5 Voices
Category: Informative, Q & A
Views: 7608
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