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Shabbat: An Oasis in Time

Rabbi Manis Friedman
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In an age when retail stores are open seven days a week and people are expected to be reachable all the time, a spate of editorials have broached the concept of declaring a “secular Sabbath” — a day devoid of e-mail, cell phones and the other invasions of modern society. But Shabbat has always been much more than a protection against burnout. The Jewish Shabbat is on a plane of its own, a pinnacle in time, the climax of our week and the source of sustenance and inspiration for the days to follow. Join us as we explore the beauty of Shabbat through the eyes of our Kabbalists and mystics.


NJR 2009, rest, work

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Scholars: Rabbi Manis Friedman
Provider: National Jewish Retreat
Video title: Shabbat: An Oasis in Time