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Get a humorous, witty, and telling in-depth look into the married life of Chabad personalities, Simon and Shaindy Jacobson. This hour-quick video is a brave new kind of unscripted, dynamic demonstration of what love and marriage can authentically look like.

Singles will look at life with their future spouses in a new light. Couples can view their own marriages through the fantastically clear lens this all-star couple makes available.

This is a live-action, no-frills, seminar-of-sorts on nurturing and supporting yourself, your partner, and the partnership of your marriage.

You'll laugh with them and appreciate the enormously generous sharing and storytelling of their life together. Spend an hour with the Jacobson's and you'll wish it was 30 years too!

This presentation was given at the National Jewish Retreat in 2013. For more information please visit

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