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Questions for Mrs. Schloss

Mrs. Eva Schloss
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In this Q&A session with Mrs. Eva Schloss, she weighs in with her opinions to a number of questions that occur to every student of the Holocaust.
  • Why didn't Jews leave Europe?
  • Why the world stood by silently
  • How far did German complicity go, and why?
  • The faith of survivors - "Where was G-d?"
  • Where did people gain the strength to endure another day in the camps?
  • "Second-Generation" - survivors and their offspring
  • How should the Holocaust experience be transmitted?  Is there a place for Holocaust fiction?
  • What's the best way to respond to Holocaust deniers?
On faith: "In the camps, the only thing we could do is pray for G-d to stop those atrocities.  I still believe we are His Chosen People."
On her survival: "I made a promise to my father.  I had hopes and dreams for the future.  I wanted to have a boyfriend, a husband.  I was only fifteen....A lot of luck and 'small moments.'"
On German complicity: "People didn't want to go back to the chaos of the Weimar Republic.  Hitler restored their pride in being German.  It cowardice initially.  Later, it became harder.  There was some resistance, but not enough."