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Nathan of Hanover and the Ukrainian Rebellion of 1648

Dr. Henry Abramson
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Such a clear history of Jews in Western Europe and the Ukraine.

Dr. Henry Abramson relates the factors leading up to the devastation of the Chmielnicki massacres. Nathan of Hanover is the historian of record who provides a gripping account of the pogroms and yet is even handed in his recounting of history.

Nathan of Hanover is best known for his moving chronicle of the Khmel'nyts'kyi (Chmielnicki) Rebellion. Entitled Yeven Metsulah ("The Abyss of Despair"), it records with remarkable fairness the social, political, economic and religious background of the mid-17th century Ukrainian movement against the Poles, along with the horrible pogroms perpetrated in the context of that violent era.

His analysis of the overall demographic impact of the attacks has been challenged by modern scholarship, but Hanover's powerful treatment of the martyrdom of Ukrainian Jewry made a powerful impact on Jewish memory for centuries.

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Scholars: Dr. Henry Abramson
Video title: Nathan of Hanover and the Ukrainian Rebellion of 1648
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