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Emanuel Ringelblum and the Warsaw Ghetto

Dr. Henry Abramson
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Buried for posterity, the research and writings of the Warsaw Ghetto were coordinated by Emanuel Ringelblum.

Dr. Henry Abramson provides a clear, concise history of the period leading up to the war, and Hitler's goals. Dr. Abramson enumerates the factors that led to what could be considered a continuation of WW1. His portrayal of Emanuel Ringelblum includes his documentation of the diversity of life in the ghetto including; religious and cultural activities; the smuggling by children that supported the community; the schools and universities; the resistance; and the mafia. Most of what we know about the Warsaw ghetto was dug up after the war by the 3 surviving members of Ringelblum's group of researchers, from 2 of the 3 caches of records.

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