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The Nine Principles of Happiness

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
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Special Thanks to The Happiness

How to be happy in life. Follow the 9 steps laid out by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin for joy.

1. I think appreciatively and gratefully. What five things am I grateful for now?
2. I speak and act joyfully and kindly. (When you speak and act joyfully and kindly, your brain produces the biochemicals that create joyful feelings.)
3. I assume there is a benefit. What is good about this? (Develop the skill of reframing. Find positive ways of viewing events, situations, and circumstances.)
4. I strive for meaningful goals. What is my goal for now? (Being clear about your priorities is the first step to accomplishing and achieving goals. Take a step forward.)
5. I see myself being the way I wish to be. How do I want to be? (As you picture yourself speaking and acting in ways consistent with your highest and wisest self, you create your ideal self.)
6. I focus on solutions. What outcome am I looking for? (If a problem arises, first clarify the problem. Then ask, "What can I do now to solve it?")
7. I let challenges develop my character.  "This too will develop my character."  (Look at difficulties as divinely sent opportunities to upgrade who you are. What quality can you develop now with a challenge that you faced or are facing now?)
8. I consistently access positive states. My awesome brain stores my best states. What state do I want for right now? (When you give name