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A State of Perpetual Falling

Rabbi Shmuel Braun
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This class was given January 3, 2012 - 8 Tevet, 5772 (Vayechi)

Torah Revealed is a weekly Chassidut class given by Rabbi Shmuel Braun in Jerusalem, Israel.  The class explores fundamental questions on the current Torah portion and upcoming Jewish holidays.

To attend the Live class:
Tuesday evenings 8.30 pm at Mayanot Shul, 28 Narkis, Nachlaot, Jerusalem

For information please contact: 052-420-5778

Given in loving memory of Reb Dov Ber ben Reb Mordechai Brooks z''l 

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Scholars: Rabbi Shmuel Braun
Video title: A State of Perpetual Falling
Category: Vayechi
Series: Torah Revealed
Views: 3417
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