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Matzah: The Food of Faith

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman
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When we think of Passover, many picture the matzas that we use for the seder and eat throughout the week.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, this episode of the Kosher Corner will focus on matzah and the many relevant matters that arise in Jewish law concerning the raw materials, flour and water, as well as the bakery and baking process which comes along with the Passover holiday. 
In addition to the the halachic discussions in the Talmud about how matza must be prepared, a whole new area for debate arose in the 1800's, when machines were introduced into the process for mass production.


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Scholars: Rabbi Chaim Fogelman
Video title: Matzah: The Food of Faith
Category: Kosher, Motzi Matzah, Passover, Passover, Study
Series: Kosher Corner
Views: 7750
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