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Yud Tes Kislev: The Revolution of Chassidus vs. Mussar

Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasnianski
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Tanya, Cultivating the Inner Life
Discover inner resource that could help you resolve the most troubling, vexing and intimate human dilemmas: Why is life such a struggle, a constant challenge? Why is my inner life so full of contradictions? How does one deal with anger, anxiety, unwholesome desires, jealousies, stress and emotional, mental and spiritual blockages? What is the secret to developing loving and lasting personal relationships? How does one attain genuine joy, satisfaction, and a general sense of wholesomeness?
Kabbalah and thePsychology of the Soul
In New York : Tune in for Kabbalah and the Psychology of the Soul, a weekly show with Rabbi Ben-Tzion Krasnianski. Sundays at 9:00PM On TW Cable CH 57 & RCN CH 84 or 24/6 online.

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