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Don Isaac Abravanel and Spanish Jewry

Dr. Henry Abramson
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What factors led up to the Spanish Inquisition and yet produced some of the greatest Jewish commentators?

The triangular society of Spain gave rise to advantages for the Jews, as well as leading to one of the greatest destructions. Dr. Henry Abramson discusses the life and times of Don Isaac Abravanel, a prolific writer, renowned statesman and proverbial wandering Jew. His commentaries have been used continuously for the last 1000 years. Dr. Abramson once again brings a period in history to life with his descriptions of the geography, society and religion in Spain from the Visigoths to the Muslims and back to the Christians, and where the Jews fit into each period.

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Scholars: Dr. Henry Abramson
Video title: Don Isaac Abravanel and Spanish Jewry
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