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Does a crisis destroy one’s life, or can it ultimately prove to have been a blessing in disguise and reveal things about a person that would have otherwise never been discovered? What are our religious obligations in trying to help ourselves medically; must it be within the natural order of the world or can we rely strictly on divine intervention? And is prayer about changing G-d's mind, or about changing ourselves and our perspective?

This is a vintage video and is being shared here for its historical value and content, not for the quality of its video.

This presentation took place at the International Conference on Judaism and Contemporary Medicine on May 15th 2005, at the Hilton Hotel in New York City. The video recording is courtesy of Dr. Michael-Moshe Akerman M.D. who is the director of the conference.
This presentation discusses complex medical issues. The views and opinions expressed here represent only those of each individual speaker and not that of Torah Café or the organizers of the conference. For the practical application of Torah views in individual cases please consult a Rabbi and Halachic authority who specializes in Jewish medical case law. While this presentation offers general guidelines, it should not be used or applied in individual cases due to the many varying details that are specific to each situation which can result in the Jewish legal decisions being different from those expressed here.

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