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Healthy Lifestyle Choices (2005)

Dr. Velvl Greene & Refael Grossman & Dr. Jason Lazar & Dr. Alfred Sofer
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Can healthy lifestyle choices be mandated on individuals who engage in unhealthy habits? Can someone be stopped from doing something that will create a burden on the community? Are we free to do with our bodies as we see fit even if it will be harmed by our behaviors? And does Judaism have anything to say about one’s obligation towards the wellbeing and maintenance of his body?

This is a vintage video and is being shared here for its historical value and its content, not for the quality of its video.

This presentation took place at the International Conference on Judaism and Contemporary Medicine on May 15th 2005, at the Hilton Hotel in New York City. The video recording is courtesy of Dr. Michael-Moshe Akerman M.D. who is the director of the conference.

The views and opinions expressed herein are solely those of the individual speakers. While this presentation offers general guidelines, it should not be applied to individual cases, rather a Halachic authority who specializes in these matters should be consulted for the practical application of Torah views in an individual situation.

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