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Six Days

Rabbi Ruvi New
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As enemy armies amassed, with the stated goal of wiping her off the map, Israel and the Jewish world were thrust into fear, gloom and despair. 
A lone voice of reassurance emerged as the Rebbe publicly declared that Israel will see great miracles and salvation.  
He issued a call for all male soldiers in the IDF and Jewish men the world over to wrap Teffilin, citing the verse: "And when the nations see the name of G-d upon you, they will fear you."  
"Six Days":
Winds of war 
Engulfed a tiny nation
Will we remain on our Land? 

Ominous clouds of fear 
Fire and pillars of smoke
They are rising against us 
to destroy us

What is our defense?
What is our hope?
What is the secret to victory? 

Six days we endured  
To defend the Land of our fathers
The Temple Mount is in our hands
We will never leave

Six days of  Divine salvation
And to the world we let it be known 
This is Land is ours 
We will never leave 

A prophetic voice was heard
By the people so perturbed
G-d will protect
and save His
Chosen Nation
In the merit of Tefillin
By  the men and the&nbs