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The Laughter Cure

Rabbi Abba Perelmuter
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Purim should be a time of simcha. The costumes, the meals, the nosh, lets laugh.

Rabbi Abba Perlmuter is a man of humor. He relates humorous instances in the Torah and our heritage that increase our humility and tear down the walls between people. Rabbi Perlmuter developed humor to counter his own background as a child of holocaust  survivors. His parents had few interactions with others, and he remembers stockpiles of tuna and toilet paper. When he married Shimshon Stock's daughter, Chani, he met a family with phones attached to every ear and a door that never closed.

Rabbi Perlmuter sites the Puritans who took things very seriously; laughter was a 4 letter word. Since that culture surrounds us, we have forgotten that the way to G-d is through humor and laughter. Now scientists have discovered that laughter increases blood flow and endorphins in our brains. The Baal Shem Tov turned around the Jewish world and brought back joy. Watch Rabbi Perlmuter's video and pick up some good jokes and humor to enliven your Purim.

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Scholars: Rabbi Abba Perelmuter
Provider: National Jewish Retreat
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