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It's Not Only the Ingredients: Pas Yisroel, Cholov Yisroel

Mrs. Sara Labkowski
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In this class, Mrs. Sara Labkowski delves into some of the specific laws surrounding what makes food kosher.  We learn that in many cases, kosher food does not simply require a guarantee of only kosher ingredients, but can also require specific supervision during its production or cooking.
This class was given at Machon Chana's Yeshivacation program in Crown Heights, New York.  YeshivaCation is a learning program which takes place twice a year- during the winter and spring breaks. The course consists of fascinating classes, lectures and interactive workshops, and can be an all-encompassing introduction, an expansion of existing knowledge or an energizing vacation. Women who attend are from all walks of life -- college students, professionals and homemakers -- and vary in their levels of Jewish learning and observance.
For more information about Machon Chana and Yeshivacation, visit:


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