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Women-Only Mitzvot

Mrs. Miriam Lipskier
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How has Judaism changed for woman in the modern era? It hasn't.

This is the question that a journalist asked Miriam Lipskier as she was knee deep in Rosh Hashanah preparations. A woman's essence has always been what makes the home, and all Jewish occasions and activities can and do take place in the home. Considering our history of wandering the world, if our connection to G-d and Judaism were based on the synagogue, then it would have ended long ago.

Mrs. Lipskier gives a lively talk that emphasizes the special role of women in Jewish life and history.

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Scholars: Mrs. Miriam Lipskier
Provider: National Jewish Retreat
Video title: Women-Only Mitzvot
Category: Daily Living, Empowerment, Eye Opening, Lecture, Mitzvot
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