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Lay Leadership Address - Kinus Hashluchim 5767

Mr. Shmuel (Sami) Rohr
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A man of monumental stature, Mr Sami Rohr, reflects on his father's and grandfather's connections to the Chortkover Chassidic court. He maintained his connection to Yiddishkeit throughout the many twists and turns of his life.

In Bogata, Columbia, Mr. Rohr noticed that of the many Rabbis who came collecting money, Lubavitchers were the only ones concerned with the mitzvah observance of the local community.  He continued his connection to Lubavitch and the Rebbe for the rest of his life, supporting and initiating centers around the world and especially in those areas where he lived or did business. He expresses his love and admiration for the Rebbe and his shluchim, calling them the crown of the Jewish people, saving cities, countries and continents.

Mr. Rohr has inculcated his love of the mitzvahs in his children and grandchildren, expressing his emunah that their financial success has come from the mitzvah of giving charity.

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