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Soulmates or Stalemates?

Mrs. Chana Weisberg
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In this lecture, given at the European Jewish Retreat, Mrs. Chana Weisberg, delves into the complexities of the relationships between men and women.  Mrs. Weisberg uses the teachings of Jewish scripture and philosophy to offer insight into the common problems that men and women confront.  She uses the paradigm of the Genesis story to illustrate the inherent gender differences that create so much confusion and miscommunication in marriage.  Join Mrs. Chana Weisberg as she takes viewers through illuminating journey that will not fail to improve relationships and create a better understanding between spouses.

The European Jewish Retreat offers an unmatched series of lectures and classes provided by business personalities, community leaders, and highly revered rabbis on traditional and contemporary subjects.  For more information about the European Jewish Retreat, go to:

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Scholars: Mrs. Chana Weisberg
Provider: European Jewish Retreat
Video title: Soulmates or Stalemates?
Category: Marriage, Women
Views: 6715
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